McArthur comments on Orkney Islands Council motion

4 Jul 2023

Responding to the news that Orkney Islands Council have passed a motion looking into ‘alternative models of governance’, Orkney MSP Liam McArthur said:

“People in Orkney certainly feel angry at the Scottish Government’s failure to engage meaningfully on how to replace Orkney’s ageing ferry fleet or bring Orkney Island Council’s funding more in line with other island authorities.

“However, they may also be concerned at the time and resource that could be taken up exploring different constitutional models, particularly when Council resources are already under real pressure due to Scottish Government cuts.

“Procuring new ferries, introducing RET on the Pentland Firth routes and delivering a fairer local authority settlement should not require a constitutional leap in the dark. It just requires the First Minister to honour the commitments he made in the Islands Act he took through parliament and take seriously the ferries task force his government was responsible for establishing six months ago.”