Pam Halliday Receives Key Worker Award of Zoe Davidson Jewellery

That the Parliament congratulates Pam Halliday, who is from Orkney, on being awarded a silver Spring Tides ring in recognition of her work during the COVID-19 pandemic; acknowledges that the award was presented to Pam as part of a campaign launched by the local jewellery maker, Zoe Davidson, to recognise the inspiring efforts of key workers across Orkney; notes that over 200 nominations were made for the award and the winning name was pulled out of a hat; understands that Pam was nominated by her co-worker for her exceptional work as a midwife in the Balfour Hospital; believes that the campaign is an excellent way to recognise and celebrate the fantastic work of those going above and beyond to support their communities and keep everyone connected by sharing positive stories during this uncertain time; thanks Zoe for organising this wonderful initiative; congratulates Pam, and all key workers nominated, on being recognised by their communities for the essential work that they are doing, and hopes that this campaign helps to raise awareness of the appreciation that everyone has for key workers in Orkney and across the country.

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