Northern Isles representatives call for stability after referendum result

Following the result of the referendum on the European Union, Orkney and Shetland’s MSPs and MP have called for a period of stability before any decisions about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are made.

Voters in both Orkney and Shetland supported the UK’s continued membership of the EU, with the remain vote reaching 63.2% and 56.5% respectively. The overall vote across the UK saw 51.9% of voters back the leave campaign. 

Commenting after the result, Liam along with Alistair Carmichael MP and Tavish Scott MSP said:

"This is a very disappointing result. While it is encouraging to see Orkney and Shetland supporting the UK's continued membership of the EU, the overall picture this morning is one of division and uncertainty. The UK will now leave the EU.

"In all the uncertainty ahead we still firmly believe that it is not in the interests of the islands to cut our ties with, or isolate ourselves from our European partners. We have always been and are at our best when we look outwards.

"Our islands, and the country as a whole, need stability and time to come to terms with this result before any steps are taken."

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