Ministers must honour commitments re Orkney’s internal ferry services, McArthur

Following a debate on ferries in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon, Orkney’s MSP Liam McArthur has repeated his call for Scottish Ministers to honour their commitments in relation to Orkney’s internal ferries services.

"Ministers have already accepted the case for fair funding of Orkney’s internal ferry services.  They also committed, however, to make progress towards a longer term solution to the delivery of these lifeline services in future, including the procurement of new vessels.

“Over recent months, however, there has been little sign of action by Ministers.  Earlier promises to update parliament before the summer recess have been abandoned.

“Meantime, the communities that depend on these services continue to face problems due to the increased lack of reliability of a fleet that is ageing and in need of replacement.  This is not sustainable for those communities.  It is also not fair on the ferry crews.

“The Scottish Government published its National Ferries Plan back in 2012, setting minimum standards for the level of service island communities had a right to expect.  Six years on, Orkney is still waiting for these to be delivered”.


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