McArthur welcomes approval of new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Orkney’s MSP, Liam McArthur, has welcomed news that the use of ocrelizumab for the treatment of adults with early primary Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been approved by the Scottish Medicines Consortium.

Ocrelizumab is used to treat and reduce the symptoms of MS and is the first disease modifying drug for the treatment of early primary progressive MS that has been made available on the NHS in Scotland.

Mr McArthur has hailed the decision as a significant step toward helping individuals and their families affected by MS. Orkney has the highest incidence of MS anywhere in Scotland and indeed worldwide.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr McArthur said:

“MS is a devasting condition that can cause serious pain and discomfort to those affected, seriously impacting upon their lives and those around them.

“This decision by the Scottish Medicines Consortium to allow Ocrelizumab to be used in the treatment of early primary progressive MS is therefore excellent news. It is something I know that many constituents, as well as the MS Society, have been calling for over many month. Hopefully, it will help improve treatment and provide a significant step forward in the fight against this debilitating condition.

“Scotland is currently home to world class research that is looking into more ways that people can manage the symptoms of MS, with a view to eventually finding a cure. By sanctioning the use of Ocrelizumab, the SMC is helping encourage further breakthroughs in this research.

“Meantime, organisations such as MS Society Orkney do extraordinary work to support those with MS and their families. I would encourage anyone affected by MS to contact them and find out how they can benefit from their invaluable services and support”.

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