McArthur to have talks with Historic Environment Scotland

Orkney MSP Liam McArthur will tomorrow (19/10/2016) meet with Historic Environment Scotland’s (HES) new Chief Executive, Alex Patterson, to press the need for a long term solution for Maeshowe. 

The meeting was sought by Mr McArthur in the wake of recent controversy over the closure of Maeshowe, which prompted a furious reaction in Orkney, particularly within the tourism sector.

Prior to talks this week with HES, Mr McArthur has raised local concerns with the First Minister that HES's solution to keeping Maeshowe open can only be what the MSP described as a "short term solution".

Mr. McArthur will press HES for assurances that a more sustainable set of arrangements will be put in place as soon as possible.

Ahead of this week’s meeting, Mr McArthur said:

“Maeshowe is a world-class tourist attraction and therefore deserves to be served by world-class facilities that will bring Orkney's rich history to life for the thousands of tourists who visit each year. A short term fix to keep the site open must only be seen as a first step.

"Historic Environment Scotland must. Ow focus on delivering a long term solution, and that is the message I will impress upon the new Chief Executive, Alex Patterson, when we meet this week.

"HES has the planning permissions for a visitor centre, car park and pedestrian underpass. New facilities can address the many concerns, not least disability access, and will help make the experience of those visiting the site all the more memorable. I will be sure to press HES on their commitment to these plans when we meet."


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