McArthur responds to referendum announcement

Responding to the announcement made by Nicola Sturgeon this morning, Orkney’s MSP Liam McArthur said:


"For months, the First Minister and her SNP colleagues have been preparing the ground for this announcement. They have made no secret of their determination to use the uncertainty of Brexit to create further uncertainty with another divisive referendum on independence. So much for ‘once in a generation’.

“In 2014, Orkney overwhelmingly rejected independence by 67% to 33%. I detect no widespread appetite locally for a campaign that inevitably will open up divisions in the community again. In last year’s election, I pledged not to support such a referendum. That remains my position.

“Of course, David Cameron and Theresa May share much of the responsibility for getting us to this position by putting party interests ahead of the interests of the country as a whole. Nevertheless, the SNP’s policy now risks leaving Scotland outside the EU and outside the UK. That is the worst of all worlds.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement today may play to the gallery ahead of SNP conference this weekend. Sadly, it will do nothing to address the growing problems we are seeing in education, health, transport and other areas for which her government has responsibility”.


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