McArthur responds to postponement of rollout of new fire alarm rules

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s decision to postpone a rollout of new fire alarm rules, after people were only alerted to the planned changes by a private company just months before a February 2021 deadline, Orkney’s MSP Liam McArthur responded:

“The mishandling of this rollout gave constituents additional worry at the worst time possible.

“The Scottish Government promised a comprehensive information campaign so that homeowners could make decisions about how best to comply with these new rules. Instead, people in Orkney and across the country were left to find out from a private company, just months before the actual deadline.

“They were faced with the prospect of having to fork out to invite technicians into their home, after months of being unable to have family and friends on. That should not have been allowed to happen.

“The decision to delay the deadline is the right one and will be a relief for many. However, there are still serious questions for Ministers to answer about why this was not addressed sooner.”

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