Orkney MSP Liam McArthur has renewed his calls for Loganair to take steps to radically improve the reliability of its air services to and from the Scottish Mainland.  

After yet another week of often lengthy delays to flights on most routes serving Orkney, Mr McArthur confirmed that he was seeking an urgent meeting with the airline’s management to discuss the worsening situation.

Commenting Mr McArthur said:

“Having been making the case for improved reliability of our lifeline air services for the last three years, I am appalled to see the situation getting worse and worse. The level of delays and cancellations over recent days demonstrate that the action being taken by Loganair is falling far short of what is needed.

“At a meeting with CLAN’s new Chief Executive at the start of the week, I was updated on the effect that this flight disruption is having on patients travelling to and from Aberdeen for appointments and treatment. The uncertainty caused by a lack of reliability in the Loganair service is adding unnecessary stress for people who already have enough to cope with.

“The impact of the poor service is being felt more widely, of course. Businesses are suffering from extra costs and the inability to get to customers or have customers get to them. Those in the voluntary and public sector are finding it difficult to make meetings and events that enable Orkney’s interests to be represented. Meanwhile, constituents travelling for other reasons are increasingly leaving a day early to minimise the chance of problems arising.

“Add to that, the effect on morale amongst Loganair staff, trying to do their best in difficult circumstances and it is abundantly clear that the current situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

“This will be my message to Loganair management when I speak with them in the coming days. Public patience and confidence is rapidly evaporating. It is time for urgent and radical action.”


Mr McArthur is running a campaign calling for improved reliability. To support the campaign constituents can visit:

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