McArthur and Scott slam SNP record on support for Northern Isles

Scottish Liberal Democrat Northern Isles candidates Tavish Scott and Liam McArthur today slammed the SNP’s record on support for Orkney and Shetland as Nicola Sturgeon arrived on a campaign swing.

Mr Scott and Mr McArthur called on the First Minister to match ferry fare cuts that have been provided to Scotland’s west coast and sort the shambles of delayed Common Agricultural Policy payments for farmers and crofters.

Commenting, Shetland candidate Tavish Scott said:

"After 9 years of an SNP government Nicola Sturgeon now says she wants to ask islanders what they want. It’s easy Nicola.

“Cut our ferry fares by 50% as you've done on Scotland's west coast. Pay crofters when you promise, not months and months late. Start being flexible on fishing regulations rather than tying our boats to the pier in government red tape. And reverse your cuts to our schools that hit the education of Shetland's next generation.

"That is what I am working for Shetland to achieve. Will you join me?"

Orkney candidate Liam McArthur added:

"For the last nine years, the SNP government has centralised services and removed powers from our island communities. Four weeks out from an election, Nicola Sturgeon says she now wants to hear what people in Orkney think. Well she can't just ignore what she doesn't like.

"We want cuts to ferry fares in Orkney to match those on the west coast. We want the shambles of delayed farm payments sorted. We want broadband and mobile coverage to match other parts of the country. And we want a budget that invests local services, including education, rather than cuts of £500m.

"On these issues, it is time for Nicola Sturgeon not just to listen but to act".


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