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In May, I will be facing re-election as your local MSP.

The choice facing voters in Orkney in May is clear: they can re-elect someone with a strong track record of putting our islands first, or find themselves with yet another SNP politician whose first loyalty is to their party not their constituents.

The SNP are well-funded, well-organised and highly motivated. I know that my campaign needs to beat this.

In serving our community since 2007, I have always made sure Orkney’s voice is heard loud and clear at Holyrood and beyond. To achieve this, I will work with others across the political spectrum, but also speak out and challenge governments of whatever political ‘colour’ when necessary.

On lifeline transport links and infrastructure investment; air ambulance and healthcare provision; broadband and mobile phone coverage; delivery charges and fuel costs; support for farming, fishing and tourism as well as a range of other issues, I have made Orkney’s case to Ministers and others with the power to act. In all this, I have tried to be accessible, approachable and accountable.

I am seeking to continue this fight for Orkney. But I need your help. That’s why I have launched an ambitious crowdfunding appeal. Can you donate today and help me win in May?

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