Ferry Fares, what's the deal?

During the 2016 Scottish Parliament Election, Nicola Sturgeon visited Orkney and Shetland where she promised if re-elected her Government would work immediately to cut the cost of Orkney and Shetland’s lifeline ferry services.


Wait – so what’s the problem?

Well, for the last 9 years the Scottish Government has excluded Orkney and Shetland from their cheaper ferry fare scheme. And get this, the Firth of Clyde islands and Inner Hebrides ferry fares are cut by 44% for passengers and 55% for cars!


So why are Orkney and Shetland being excluded from the cheaper ferry scheme?

You see, the SNP have their arguments all tangled up. They say RET would actually put up fares, or instead RET wouldn't cut fares at all. But guess what, that goes against their own figures!

In a Scottish Government report (read it here if you don't believe it!) they explain fares would be cut, or ‘capped’ where they would otherwise go up. 

But... didn’t they promise to cut the ferry fares for Orkney and Shetland?


They did! The only explanation to the SNP’s exclusion of our Islands is one of political choice.

But shouldn't we give them a chance? Oh – wait, haven’t they been in government for 9 years?


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should keep her promise and deliver cheaper ferry fares for Orkney and Shetland. Agree? Sign the petition here

Reducing the cost of travel is vitally important for people living and working in the Northern Isles, and would provide a competitive boost to business and tourism.

Rest assured, Northern Isles MSPs Liam McArthur and Tavish Scott are up to the fight for cheaper fares!

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