Benefits Support

These are the existing social security arrangements. They may change soon but I will endeavour to keep you updated on significant changes.

Contributory employment and support allowance   
This is for those who have paid National Insurance contributions in recent years,  If you are currently unable to work because you are infected with Coronavirus or in isolation - or caring for their child who is infected or in isolation – you are treated as having limited capability for work so should be eligible from Day 1 at the rate of £73.10 a week.

Universal credit
This is an option for self-employed people with savings/capital under £16,000.

Council tax reduction -
This for those with capital under £16,000 and is means tested.

Statutory Sick pay –    
You are eligible if you are an employee and have normal weekly earnings of at least £118 a week and self-isolating or affected.  NB government has announced it is payable from day one

There is also useful information from the Money Advice Service available

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